It Takes a Team of Rescue Workers to Save A Squirrel From A Yogurt Cup!

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Have you seen a squirrel hopping around with a yogurt cup on its head? How about a group of emergency rescue workers trying to catch one tiny animal with a pink blanket in hand? While it sounds too ridiculous to be true, it has actually happened, and the sight does not fail to tickle every person who has watched it.

A squirrel with a yogurt cup head has recently made an online buzz in the Connecticut town of Enfield when not just one, but a whole team of emergency rescue workers struggled to get the cup off its head.

While the other rescue workers were trying their best to help the poor animal, one captured the funny moment on video. At one time, one of them was heard asking if the squirrel bites. This was answered by a flat “yes,” which was not good news for all of them.

The fun didn’t stop there. Just when they finally got hold of it with their blanket, the animal leaped out, escaped, and went straight to the camera.

But after much laughter, the squirrel was eventually caught and freed of the cursed yogurt cup.


If you haven’t watched the video yourself, check it now and become a fan of the newest social media star—the squirrel with a yogurt hat!

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