Kids Learn the Hard Way Why You Shouldn’t Taunt Zoo Monkeys

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Wild animals will always be wild — sometimes they’re gentle, and sometimes they’re not. The safest resort is to just keep distance when distance is called for. Ignoring the “Do not feed the animals” sign, like what this little girl did, could be a bad, bad move.


The little girl in the video sincerely tried to toss over some food to a baboon at the zoo. She initially yelled ‘I’ll give you food’ with energy and gusto. However, the baboon appeared to shun them and moved away from the family. The baboon just blankly stared at them, and when the second child started to wave her arms at him, the wayward baboon suddenly got stirred up and flung his very own poo at the family. He managed to hit to targets with just a single throw. This is one of the most despicable yet hilarious videos you should watch and share.


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