A Hardcore Pokemon Fan Transformed His Dog Into Pikachu

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Since it was launched, Pokemon Go has caused much uproar in all parts of the world. It’s not surprising that many tricks and jokes regarding the game have appeared. One fan, in particular, seems to have taken things a little too far. He has dyed his puppy to look like the famous Pokemon character, Pikachu.

There was a video posted on Facebook that shows what a dog looked like after it was dyed with yellow, brown, and red dye. His owner might had thought it cute, but Elihudi Justin Urassa, the person who posted the video, was not happy with it at all. He captioned his video: “They made their dog look like Pikachu,” but was clearly upset about the happening.


The video has already gained more than 3 million views, and most people have spoken against the dog owner. They commented that what the owner did is plainly abusive and cruel. Eventually, the issue of animal rights was brought up. Even the spokesperson for PETA, Lindsay Rajt, had weighed in on the matter, saying that it’s unsafe to dye any animal’s fur, and there’s absolutely no good reason for anybody to do it. She added that it could lead to complications or an allergic reaction if water gets inside the ears of the animal during the dyeing process.

While there were those that criticized the dog owner, there were also some people that came to his defense. They commented that what the owner did was not a form of abuse because the puppy seemed happy and okay.

How about you? Do you think the dog owner violated any animal rights?

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