30 Best Photobombs That Will Make You Burst With Laughter

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30 Best Photobombs Ever! 2 Will Pop Your Eyes Out Cover

Photobombers are a mess,  but after seeing the shots again, you’ll surely end up laughing it off — especially if the silly photobombers happen to be animals. Prepare to burst with laughter after seeing some crazy photobombs below.



1. Never forget me as a part of the family.

Oh, boy. You made it right in time.


2. Blowing up the human face.

This puffer fish has found the exact spot to create an unforgettable photobomb.


3. Sharing a hearty laugh.

That’s funny, girl.


4. There might be soldiers on my back, but I am the boss.

Oh, a camera!



5. Forget the children and look at me.

I’m a little girl too.


6. Who cares about newlyweds?

I don’t understand why wedding pictures are such a big deal to them. Humans these days. (rolls eyes)


7. It seems nobody warned her about the camels.

Nobody warned her that the camel could just bite her head off.


8. Dolphin is more excited about the wedding than the couple.

The dolphin sees a wedding for the first time.


9. I want to be in the shot too.

Why only capture Sunny?


10. Cutie

Hey, guys. Why are you all looking up?


11. Someone must be jealous.

Trust me, babe. We look better together.


12. Surprise written all over the face of the walrus.

Sorry if you weren’t that prepared for the shot, dude. But really, please step aside.


13. This animal knows how to be in the limelight.

This wide-eyed animal sure knows exactly how to make a normal photo a bomb.


14. Dumb pigeon ruins the picture.

Sorry, dude. It could have been your best shot.


15. What are you capturing?

Why are you trying to get a shot of a bottle, man?


16. Take a look behind you.

I know both of you girls are pretty, but isn’t my butt better?


17. Say Meow!

Oops, I thought i saw a rat near the camera. Sorry.


18. Censorship is really important.

This fish sure knows how to censor.


19. Welcome to my island.

This penguin does know how to welcome guests well. But I guess you aren’t very welcome in this picture, seabird.


20. I am really excited.

The excitement can surely be felt in this photobomb.


21. The creepy pigeon sneaks in at the perfect time.

This is the smartest pigeon by a long shot.


22. I wanna be in it too.

Mom, please let me in.


23. Happy Hippo

You can’t copy his smile, big hippo. You just can’t.


24. Hi! Don’t forget me.

The sweet spot has been taken.


25. Have you ever seen mermaids before?

Apparently mermaids are real after all.


26. Look who’s hiding behind the tree.

The silent approach is always better.


27. Now this is called timing.

This cat sure knows the trick to finding the right timing.


28. This is the right way to grab attention.

Please do not ignore me.


29. Please don’t come near me.

This photobomb speaks for itself.


30. Gosh, don’t spoil my picture.

The dog obviously doesn’t want the cat in the frame.


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