Overachieving Pets That Will Make You Want One Too

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Thomas Merton once said “The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little”. Odd as it may seem, our furry friends are just as obsessive when it comes to aiming for nothing less than the best. They really won’t stop ’til they’re #1. Check them out and tell us which one deserves to be the top overachiever!


1. “I bet you I can balance these all day.”

The focus in his eyes is too adorable! Not even the smell or taste of his treats will break him.



2. “I will never EVER take this off. Did I say Ever?”

I’m taking this medal to my grave, together with the other two I won last year.


3. “Psh, this is totally a cakewalk.”

When you say, “jump!”, I say, “how high?” but I bet I can jump higher than you.


4. “I earned my black belt at the age of 3…months.”

Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan would be proud…and probably smitten.


5. You know you’re blown away.

But aren’t you even more impressed that this precious pooch ate her owner’s loofah? She probably thought it was a marshmallow.


6. “Thank you, dear fans! This is really necessary!”

I’d like to thank my wonderful sponsors for making this event possible. And to my amazing fans, thank you for coming!


7. “Spreadsheets! I need spreadsheets!!”

Stagnancy is a deal breaker for me.


8. “Oh! I spotted a taller tree to climb.”

I might climb that later once I figure out how to get down from this one.


9. She’s tiny, but she doesn’t give up.

Determination can make any pint-size pet a champion.


10. “Grab the polish, hooman! I see a spot.”

And don’t forget to adjust the ribbon perfectly when you’re done.


11. “…And that was how I became the United States Open champion. Again!”

Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova have nothing on me!


12. “I guess I’m really a big deal.”

I’ll be taking autographs AFTER the photo-op, guys. Calm down.


13. “One medal isn’t enough for me. I need soooo much more.”

Where is my agent? When is my next show?!


14. We swear; it was filled with food before he arrived.

Sorry for eating all of my snacks. I have the appetite of a champion.


15. …and STILL champion of the half-court.

I’m both cute AND unbeatable! Watch me as I make the cutest dunk you’ll ever see.


16. “They don’t hand these trophies out to anyone.”

When momma said I was special, she meant it.


17. “Why have one bone when you can actually have two?”

This is what I tell my owner when he gives me a treat.


18. “Those puppies didn’t hold a candle against me!”

Don’t worry, I’ll understand if you’re jealous.


19. “Let us go show this to the dog, hooman. He shall be beyond jealous.”

Wait, wait, wait. I want you to video his reaction when he sees me with my medal! It’ll be a viral hit!


20. He carries the trophy around practically everywhere


“Oh, this old thing? I have the most amazing story about how I got it.”

I think that they’ve successfully stolen all our doggie treats and hearts. These top 20 dogs deserve all the fame (and dog treats) for being such adorable overachievers. No one can replace their awesome dedication (and admittedly their cuteness). It’s okay, cutie pies. You earned your snack! Now who’s such a good boy? Yes, you are!

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