20 Turtle Pictures That Will Make You Go “Awww!”

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Turtles are known as mysterious, shelled animals that move at a relaxed pace. But just because these reptiles take it slow, it doesn’t mean they don’t have that thriving character. From silly YouTube videos with millions of hits to the adorable pictures that will make you laugh out loud, turtles command attention from the world and rightfully so. A lot of animals can be cute and hilarious, but none of them hold a prayer on how calm and lovable turtles are.


Awesome Albino

Some people think it’s a shame to be different like this albino guy. But if he only knew how precious he really was, maybe he wouldn’t frown so often!



I Want to Break Free!

Some turtles learn ninjutsu with nunchucks and wear orange masks to look cool. But apparently, some turtles are just born that way!

Best Friends Forever

With their tough shells and slow pace, turtles don’t seem like the cuddliest animals at first. But it seems as though one happy seal has a different opinion!


Mighty Tiny

Unlike frogs, kissing turtles won’t turn them into handsome princes. But it doesn’t matter though – some of them are just so cute you’d want to kiss them no matter what!


Squirt Rules

Good afternoon, we will have a great jump today! Okay, first crank a cutback as you hit the wall. There is a screaming bottom curve, so be careful!


Being One With Nature

It truly is a bold move to have a stare down with a turtle, considering how aggressive and vicious they can be. But this dragonfly looks like he has a calming effect on the turtle!

No Need To Feel Down!

There was the construction worker, cowboy, motorcycle biker, cop, Native American, and the marine. Unfortunately, there was no Turtle Man in the Village People. There should have been one though – Y-M-C-A!

Tortue de Cuisine

Maybe you’ve had turtle soup…but have you ever had a turtle making you soup? They may not look like it, but some of them are actually skilled little chefs.


Seeing Double

What is the only thing in the planet better than having a little laughing turtle? Having two little laughing turtles!

Dawww, You Shouldn’t Have!

One of the reasons people love dogs so much is that they are ecstatic to see their owners when they return home after a long day. With that, a lot more people should own turtles, since you don’t have to take them out for walks.


Real Chia Pet

Women everywhere use all kinds of methods to get great-looking hair, from extensions and wigs to hair dye. It must be neat to be a turtle – just letting everything grow and never touching your head.


Roughing It

Walking on asphalt is hard enough when you’re a human being, but what about a newly hatched turtle with the size of a quarter? The next time you feel life is getting a bit too hard, just remember how difficult this tiny dude has been through and how cute he still looks.

Floating On Cloud 9

Jellyfish can’t hurt you if you touch them on the top of their heads! Hey, momma I found a new pet! I shall call him Squishy and he shall be my pet. Come on, Squishy! Come on, little Squishy!


Do The Turtle

Who says human babies are the cutest? Who can resist that tiny little shelled belly, those cute little claws, and those round little peepers? Simply “Awww”-some!


Nom Nom Nom

It looks like our shy, shelled friend loves mashed potatoes just as much as the next person. To everyone who has pet turtles, remember this when Thanksgiving is around the corner. You might want to save some for your pet turtle!


With A Little Help From My Friend

Unfortunately, not everyone is big enough to do things their own. The good news is that so many of these tiny peepers have big friends to help them out in times of need… like getting a great view of the aquarium!


Skater Dude

So you think Tony Hawk is the best skater in the world? Then I guess you’ve never seen a baby turtle skateboard before. Look at how passionate this little skater looks!


Holy Babies!

If you’ve never had any love for turtles, you should at least show some respect for their mothers. Could you have dozens and dozens of babies, look after all of them, and not go bonkers?



Not everyone is as photogenic as supermodels. But just because some little guy doesn’t like having his picture taken doesn’t mean he shouldn’t – some turtles are just too adorable to pass off, like this cutie!

King of the Turtles


It doesn’t matter to us how much money Titanic has made, Jack wasn’t king of the world. The world is ruled by the cutest baby turtles!

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