20 Animals Adorably Imitating Humans: #4 Will Make Your Day!

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20 Animals Adorably Imitating Humans: #4 Will Make Your Day!

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” It truly is fascinating how animals imitate humans. Studies have shown that some animals are able to spontaneously imitate people unintentionally, which is why they are very easy to train. No matter what their motive is and whether they do it intentionally or not, the very act of their silly and rather flattering imitation never fails to make us love them all the more.

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, these amazing photos of human impersonators will surely have you all in stitches!


1. An Owl on A Skateboard

This adorable owl wants to be hip and cool too! Why fly when you can just skate away?

2. This Gorilla Is Raising the Dirty Finger

What would you do if you came across this scenario while strolling at the zoo? You’d probably smile and all, but ultimately you might just want to leave because after all, nothing says, “Don’t mess with me” better than the good ol’ middle finger.

3. Lightbulb-changing Cat

It only takes one cat to change a lightbulb. There is neither a joke nor a punchline this time.

4. Sexy Carwash Dog

It’s a dog… in a bikini! And nope, that dog is certainly not hydrophobic. It seems as if she had always wanted to be a sexy carwash dog.


5. A Cat Getting a Spa Treatment

After a day’s work of chasing that extremely annoying red dot, this cat’s finally getting his well-deserved break. Wrapped in a nice comfortable robe, life seems purr-fect for this lucky cat.

6. Doggy Salon

And this cutie just landed herself a job at the salon. It’s high time she makes a living, you know. I wonder if her customers love the service.

7. A Green-Thumbed Hamster

This hamster is definitely making a name for himself in the gardening department, and no one is stopping him.

8. Boss Dog Reading His Important Emails

With glasses like that and a face so stern, it looks like this dog superior just decided to fire one of his employees. Or he’s probably just browsing through some tasty-looking treats.

9. Tractor-Driving Dog

This hard-working dog must really be craving that doggy treat.

10. This Religious Dog

Look how adorable this praying dog is. What could she be praying for? A nice doggy bone for breakfast, perhaps?


11. Squirrel Taking Photos

Squirrel Photography, anyone?

12. Adorable Hugging Horse

Your heart just sank a bit, didn’t it?

13. Broadway Bear

This bear just happens to be practicing his monologue for his Broadway debut. Shakespeare would be so proud!

14. Cocktail Monkey

There are so many things going wrong in this picture, but it does belong in this list.

15. Wine-Loving Dog

This dog sure knows how to party with class.

16. Painting Elephant

Don’t you just hate it when elephants draw better than you do?

17. Dog Carpool

Somebody give those dogs a driver’s license… or a ticket.

18. Couch Gecko

Look how comfortable he is on that couch! He must really love therapists.

19. Book-Lover Dog

He must be a fan.

20. Bear On A Picnic


Someone ought to tell him the picnic got cancelled.

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