Goat Drowned As People Tried To Take A Photo

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It’s pretty common to see moose and bears wander around in Seward, Alaska, but it’s rare to see a mountain goat. This is why the locals and tourists excitedly gathered around the goat to take a photo. While it seems innocent to take a photo of the rare sighting of the animal, it did not end well for the goat.

It was in Seward Small Boat Harbor where the goat was first sighted. The Alaska State Troopers started receiving calls around 6:30 pm that the goat was on the dike and was being chased by people. After 30 minutes, they received another call reporting that the animal is already in the ocean, swimming for its life. The troopers held an investigation and found that too many people followed the mountain goat and it led the goat to jump into the ocean near SeaLife Center. The animal wasn’t able to climb back because the crowd was standing on the rocks and taking photos. This led to the unfortunate drowning of the goat.

One witness commented on the site of Seward City News and said that the people chased and followed the goat for two hours and more. The goat, in an attempt to escape the crowd, jumped into the water. Another witness named Erin Kuester commented that there was a tourist couple that tried to tell the crowd to leave the goat alone but failed because they could not speak the local language fluently. Kuester also criticized the local authorities for not being as active as they should be in keeping the people away from the mountain goat. The Alaska State Troopers reminded the public that the animals must be given enough space to flee from a crowded place like Seward because it can result to the death of the animal like the unfortunate death of the mountain goat.

There was a video sent to Seward City News that showed the last moments of the goat before it drowned.

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