Who Ever Says Big Eyes are Ugly Has Never Seen This Cute Cat

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Herman, a 5-month old exotic shorthair, has captured the hearts of thousands of people with his unusually huge eyes. He is a living proof that with cats, nothing can go wrong. Even genetics won’t be able to stop them from being cute.

Herman’s eyes are too big that he looks as if he’s always scared. Thus, he was given the name Scaredy Cat, after Russell Punter’s famous Children’s book.

The feline happily lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his 26-year old owner Shirley.

Funnily enough, Herman can’t even close his eyes when he’s asleep. Shirley says that the only indication that he is sleeping is his soft snores. Other than that, you won’t be able to tell whether he’s still gazing at something or already in dreamland.

The scaredy cat’s Instagram page currently has over 10 thousand followers. It shows him playing with his toy feather, lying on the floor, posing with teddy bears, etc. —all with the same scared look.

For now, Herman must be enjoying all the attention and love people are giving him.

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