25 Cats and Dogs With Beautiful Eyes

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25 Cats and Dogs With Incredibly Beautiful Eyes

You can tell a lot of things about a person through his/her eyes. After all, these are the windows to the soul. The same applies to cats and dogs. It’s one thing that they’re cute and cuddly and loyal to their owners; having a stunning pair of eyes is another. Prepare to be amazed as we bring you photos of cats and dogs with eyes that are just too good to be true! I guess it is safe to say that “Cuteness is in the eye of the beholder.”


1. Why hello there!

Who knew turquoise looks so good with black? This is one hell of a photo!

2. This Awesome Doggy

You can definitely see this dog’s personality in those amazing eyes!

3. A Moody Cat, Perhaps?

This cat must have a split personality!

4. Cosmic Kitty

This kitty must be an alien. Those eyes are simply out of this world!


5. He’s Just Blue

Imagine having this blue eyed doggy for a pet.

6. Captivating!

This cat’s eyes are just hauntingly beautiful. It’s purrr-fect!

7. Pastel Perfect!

I think I need a map… because I seem to have gotten lost in those amazing pastel eyes!

8. Why So Grumpy?

Aww.. Don’t be grumpy now, fluffy cat! The face says one thing but those eyes definitely say another.

9. Blue-Eyed Dog

I bet you’re dying to get a blue-eyed pet dog for Christmas just by looking at this precious cutie!

10. Kitty Princess

Hello there, cutie! The eyes of this kitty princess are absolutely unique and full of character! It looks very pretty in a celestial kind of way.

11. Puppy Dog Eyes

Who can say no to these strikingly beautiful puppy eyes? I’ll give him a treat or two… ok maybe even a bag of treats in a heartbeat.

12. Jewels For Eyes

Are those eyes or gemstones? It’s hard to tell with those big bright Turquoise circles. I bet it’s fun having jewels for eyes. You get to see beauty in everything.

13. Such A Cutie!

With a sight like this, you’d never miss playtime.

14. Mix And Match

What’s celestial purple, lime green, and cute and cuddly all over? This adorable cat, of course! She’s totally rocking the colorful look!

15. Spotlight On Him

Just look at this adorable dog who certainly knows he is the center of attention and I bet he’s totally loving it!

16. Out Of This World

The colors of her eyes bear so much resemblance to a bright powerful planet. They’re ridiculously pretty as well!

17. Someone’s Sleepy

No, no, no… don’t close your eyes just yet, sleepy kitty. We don’t want to miss out on all that beauty!

18. Trophy Dog

I must say, this one is certainly a trophy dog. He’s going to be really handsome when he grows up. With that uniquely colored fur and those baby blue eyes, he’s gonna torture everyone with his cuteness!

19. Beauty Shot

This confident doggy model is ready for her beauty shot. One could not possibly take a bad photo of her because those eyes are just breath-taking.

20. Glam Girl

You see, Venus here just might have two opposite personalities. That face, however, belongs to a glamour magazine.

21. Cutie Alert!

Cute kitty alert! She looks too precious for this world and those blue and green eyes are just too perfect!

22. Mismatched

This puppy has the sweetest look you could possibly ask for in a dog. With eyes and ears in mismatched colors, who could say no to any of this dog’s requests?

23. Pretty Boy Pup

It looks as if he’s saying “How you doin’?” And it’s just too adorable to watch! This puppy is now our resident pretty boy pup!

24. Multicolored Beauty

This adorable ball of fur is totally rocking the edgy multi-colored look!

25. Just Beautiful…


“An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.” -Martin Buber

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