22 Animals Giving Their Best Judging Faces

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22 Animals Giving Their Best Judging Faces

Like it or not, man is judgmental and no matter how much we try to be good people, we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to judging. And now we’re wondering whether animals work that way too. These 22 photos of animals giving their best judging looks will certainly have you in stitches! We don’t really know what those looks are for, but it appears as if they’re really not proud of their owners… or humanity, in general. Yes, they’re definitely questioning your life choices right now. I guess they can’t help themselves either when it comes to judging.


1. This Sexy Sassy Hippo

Is this hippo a sexy beast, or a condescending river horse questioning your life choices?

2. Side Eyed Cat

With her peripheral vision, she was checking whether her annoying cat roommate was still there. “Ughh, go away already,” she said.

3. So Much Hate

She just said “I hate you” in the only language she knows. And it’s still ridiculously adorable!

4. This Snob Turtle

“No, I’m not gonna associate myself with you, puny human.”


5. So Much Judgment

“So you’re telling me this mall is a pet-free zone. Perfect.”

6. Fashion Forward Doggy

Ahh.. the look of sheer hate. The look on her face tells me she’s not digging the crochet turtleneck.

7. Condescending Bambi

Bambi here looks like she just overheard a really stupid conversation. She clearly doesn’t want to live on this planet anymore.

8. Sassy Eyebrows

“Do these eyebrows make me look condescending enough? Because I want to judge you to death right now.”

9. “I Can’t Even”

Huskies are some of the most loyal dogs in the world, but like us, they’re not immune to judging. This guy right here thinks we’re stupid.

10. “We’re Just Friends”

What on earth are you doing, bear? We’re just friends.

11. Picture Perfect Pug

“That’s the 76th time you took a photo of me. Don’t you ever get tired?”

12. This Grumpy Giraffe

This giraffe obviously hates you right now.

13. Cringe!

What could this cat have seen or heard to produce that cringing expression?

14. This Extremely Disappointed Bunny

Uh-oh, someone skipped doing the chores again! This bunny rabbit looks like she’s about to give you a beating.

15. Mad Baby Bear

Who knew an animal this cute can be aggressively mad at the same time? “You forgot to give me a belly rub again! For the nth time!”

16. The Look of Pure Judgment

Imagine getting home past curfew and being greeted by this extremely disappointed look. It just lost all respect for you.

17. “I Give Up”

This horse looks like she’s giving up on you. She just doesn’t care anymore.

18. This Refined Baby Seal

This seal looks like she’s about to give you a lesson in fine dining and table etiquette. You better behave and stay classy.

19. Sheer Embarrassment

That epic face palm says a lot. This giant ball of fur thinks you’re a disgrace to the family. He just can’t handle the embarrassment right now.

20. “Seriously?”

With a smug look, he asks, “Seriously?” As if you just said the most stupid thing you can ever say to a know-it-all owl.

21. A Trio of Baby Meerkats

These baby meerkats are so done with you right now. They refuse to be your adorable minions.

22. This Mortified Fluffy Rabbit


“You managed to make the situation worse,” said the fluffy rabbit, “well done.” Now she has her head in her hands and feels really disappointed. But she loves you too much, so she’s thinking of giving you another chance. Now, isn’t that a happy ending.

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