Selfie-Crazed Beachgoers Leave a Beached Shark Struggling to Survive

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Remember the time when a dolphin was killed after a bunch of people pulled it out from the water for selfies? A beached shark almost suffered the same fate, if not for a few rescue volunteers.

A baby shark was left stranded on the beach of Bolnuevo in Spain. The beached shark was almost killed by insane selfie addicts. In the video, the beachgoers are surrounding the shark while it is battling for its life. Not a single person was sensible enough to help the poor mammal, until rescue volunteers arrived.

Andres Lopez, a Red Cross Coordinator and one of the volunteers who rescued the beached shark, said that they had to build a perimeter around the mammal when people started crowding and grabbing the shark while taking selfies. After volunteers checked and cleared the shark from any injury, they tied it with some cable and returned it into the sea. Using a rescue jet, they towed the shark about four miles from the shore, allowing it to be in it natural habitat.

Lopez also expressed his dismay towards the beachgoers attitude, pointing out what many failed to realize. He even went further and warned the tourists to never take a selfie with a beach shark. He then added that sharks are completely harmless animals unless you hit and inflict them with pain.

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