33 Adorable Dogs with Unique Coats!

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33 Adorable Dogs with Unique Coats!

These dogs are unforgettable not just for their innate loyalty and cuteness; they’re unforgettable because they also have the most unusual coats! Genetic variations can cause these types of coats to appear, and genetics have surely done wonders for these lovable dogs.

The internet may have a (very) long list of crazy canines and perfect pooches, but this collection of dog pictures will make you go “Awww!”


1. Gorgeous Little Husky

This beautiful little husky has natural eyeliner! Talk about achieving the Cleopatra look. And don’t forget those EYES.

2. The Superhero Pup

Looks like this puppy has his own superhero mask!

3. He Sure “Nose” How Perfect His Heart Is

This puppy surely has tons of love to give! Free hugs!

4. Those Freckles!

This freckled Australian Cattle dog mix is Puck. He was discovered in Baton Rouge as a stray and his loving caregiver eventually adopted him!


5. Panda German Shepherds

Panda German Shepherds like these originate from one bloodline. The discoloration is caused by a piebald mutation. It is also found in other species, but the mutation is rare.

6. Adorable!

Look at this sweet Akita puppy and his permanent socks!

7. Look at that!

Aaww. Did somebody ever tell you you look like a zebra? Sweet!

8. Jungle Dog

This unusually spotted canine resembles the wild dogs of the African jungle. Or even a cheetah!

9. Wild at Heart

Found in the heart of Africa, these African Painted dogs are actually endangered.

10. The sweetest Rottweiler

This Rottweiler’s unusual coat may be caused by vitiligo, which can result in depigmentation.

11. You’ll be in my heart

You know she’s a keeper when she wears her heart on her chest. This is too adorable!

12. Chummy Chimera

This Labrador Retriever is showing signs of a somatic mutation, thus labeling him a “chimera”.

13. Dapper Dachshund!

A dachshund puppy that is both dapper and dappled!

14. Stash that –Stache!

Maintaining a distinguished moustache is difficult – unless it’s part of your coat!

15. Hello, Panda!

Awww, look at this cute little puppy looking like a panda!

16. Mixed Labrador colors

Having a somatic mutation in dogs causes yellow Labradors to show black spots. Despite this phenomenon, the gene is not inherited or passed down to their offspring.

17. The sweetest pups EVER!

Some dogs have coat patterns that resemble shapes such as hearts.

This dog just seems to spread love and happiness where ever it goes.

18. Marking mishap

Other dogs have markings that can both be unfortunate and embarrassing!

19. Say Cheese!

There are some dog markings that will definitely put a smile on your face…

20. Take Groucho Marx, for example.

Isn’t he the sweetest?

21. Another gorgeous puppy coat!

It’s so…magnificent!

22. Why so blue?

What a forlorn expression for such a beautifully colored coat!

23. Dawwww!

A dappled Dachshund that has these big beautiful eyes can melt anyone’s heart.

24. I know you’re jealous.

This little pup has an all-natural moustache!

25. One of a kind.

This Boston Terrier has one of the most unique coats.

26. Where can I get one of these?

These little puppies are Mudis. They are a particularly rare Hungarian breed.

27. Did they fool you?

These cuties created a worldwide sensation because they looked like pandas when they were born.

28. Lovely!

This English Cocker Spaniel named Zuma was born with beautiful blue eyes and a solid tri-colored coat. Unfortunately, his uniqueness had a price. The same genes that caused his tri-colored coat and blue eyes also caused his deafness and tunnel vision.

29. Can I please have him?


Probably the most one-of-a-kind Bernese Mountain Dog you’ve ever seen.

Having an amazing coat is awesome, but if you pair it with fierce loyalty, friendliness, and a deep love for owners, then you have the perfect dog!

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