19 Creepy Things Discovered Lying In The Ocean

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19 Creepy Things Discovered Lying In The Ocean

The ocean is wide, deep, and full of mystery. It is one of the parts of the Earth most people have yet to see. We’ve always loved to swim at the beach and be amazed with colorful coral reefs as we snorkel, but we’ve never really known everything about the waters – the deepest, darkest parts of it. We’re not even sure if we’re ready to explore it or just prefer to leave it untouched. Luckily, you don’t have to explore it yourself. You can take a look at some of the creepiest things discovered in the ocean. These 19 terrifying things lying in the depths of the deep, dark parts of the sea will surely give you a phobia of ocean.


19. An ancient Neolithic village

This ancient village from the Neolithic period was discovered submerged years ago. It is located in Atlit, Israel. The village is full of rectangle houses, dry stone-walled wells, and some artifacts made from animal bones. It has been said that the village was suddenly abandoned. Studies indicate that a huge tsunami caused by a volcanic eruption engulfed the whole village.

18. The Sea floor

It’s really hard to imagine how this perfectly structured seafloor was made. Even scientists find it difficult to conclude whether this masterpiece is man-made or a natural creation of mother earth. It could be the result of diverging and converging tectonic plates on the sea floor or it could also be another architectural feat made by humans.

17. Underwater city

Diving to the bottom of the ocean is already creepy. How much creepier do you think it would be if you find a submerged ancient Egyptian city while you’re there? Ancient Egypt is known for its exceptional infrastructures that are still standing, but this underwater city is just unbelievable! It is still fully intact! It’s amazingly insane and creepy.

16. A ship sailing underwater!

If you think there is nothing creepy about another titanic-like ship that sunk to the seafloor, think again. This ship was actually used in a war hundreds of years ago. What do you think happens in a war? Millions of people die. That means this carried (and is probably still carrying) all those people who were lost during the battle.


15. Now you see me

This huge eye was found floating in the sea. It is so big that it needs a pair of hands just to carry it.  A human eye is probably just a minute portion of this gigantic eye. Just imagine how huge the owner of this eye must have been! Maybe Krakens and sea monsters were real after all!

14. Poor little birds

These poor little birds were washed ashore, dead. They probably ate some poisonous fish and choked to death. It just goes to show how dangerous the ocean can be.

13. Cinderella’s sneaker?

Oh, this shoe isn’t Cinderella’s! It was found floating in the sea. Who could possibly be careless enough to leave their shoes in the water? Or maybe the owner got attacked by some big fish in the ocean! Yikes!

12. Greece’s Ancient Computer

Computers weren’t widespread centuries ago. How did this important ancient technology go missing and  end up at the bottom of the sea?

11. Ugly and creepy

Can you imagine swimming around with this ugly, creepy creature? Not, at all. Good thing this blob fish only stays in deep and dark ocean recesses. What a relief.

10. Bioluminescence

You don’t think this beauty should be a part of this list, do you? Sure, it must be so magical seeing this beautiful light in the ocean, but it would also be dangerous. Those lights are actually toxins being released. The brighter they glow, the deadlier the water becomes.

9. Creepy art

Art is supposed to be beautiful, not creepy. These statues are actually pretty good, but anyone who sees this at the bottom of the ocean will surely creep out.

8. Michigan Mystery

Now doesn’t that look familiar to you? Yep, it looks like England’s Stonehenge. It has that same effect when a light shines on it from one side.

7. Going down for real

At the bottom of the clear, cold waters of the Arctic Ocean lies a Brazilian boat that sank years ago. The weirdest part is that this unfortunate boat has become a mere tourist attraction for people.

6. Centuries old microbes

The other creepy things you’ve seen on this list are usually only seen in the deep, dark parts of the ocean. These centuries-old microbes, however, are everywhere! They could be at the beach you swam into a while ago. Or in the reef you’ve snorkeled in. They could even be present in the salt water you accidentally drank while swimming. Gross!

5. Vampire squid

This squid looks just like an ordinary squid, but it has something else too — something weird and creepy. When it opens its mouth, you can see suction tentacles and spiny teeth.

4. Big red jellyfish

This guy right here is a deep sea creature, so you won’t be seeing it while swimming in the beach. This 1 meter long jellyfish uses its fleshy arms to capture its prey.

3. Sucker

This sea creature is literally a sucker. A blood sucker, that is. It brutally uses its round, creepy mouth to suck blood from its victims.

2. Mr. Goblin will gobble you up.

Ugh! This goblin shark is so creepy. Its slimy, wet skin looks pretty disgusting. And look at its teeth! They’re so tiny yet so sharp.

1. Thrill frill


This sea monster is seldom seen. Some even say it has gone extinct. But don’t be too relieved just yet. This monster only swims around the unknown parts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They say it eats like a snake. It loves to swallow its prey whole.

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