35 Dogs That Are Much Bigger Than You

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In case you haven’t noticed the popularity of pint-­sized pooches, it continues to rise as more and more people are captivated by their cuteness. But while chihuahuas and yorkies are totally adorable and can easily fit into your handbag or carry-­on, there’s just something majestic about BIG dogs. So we’ve rounded up some of the biggest dog breeds in the world for your viewing pleasure, some of which don’t seem to understand just how gigantic they really are. Are you ready to see the biggest dogs on earth?


Legs For Days

It’s been said that TV is the best babysitter…but I think I’d rather have this guy. Woof!


How is this real?!

I’d say at least 3 people could ride on this guy’s back, but is he the biggest dog you’re going to see today? Not even close.


“I’ve Got Your Back”

This super‐sized study buddy may be HUGE, but he isn’t the biggest dog on our list…



Have you ever seen a happier couple?


The World’s Biggest Lap Dog

This poor guy’s leg is definitely asleep right now.


Beauty & The Beast

Meet the cast of the new live‐action ‘Beauty & The Beast’ movie! JK — but seriously, that fur is MAJESTIC!


A Lover, Not A Fighter

doggy embrace


This big guy may look terrifying, but he’s one big ball of love once you get to know him.


A Game of Huskies

Guys. Dire wolves are REAL.


Lions, Tigers, and DOGS? Oh My!

Am I the only person who thought this was a bear? That’s one big dog!


Nothing Is Safe!

Hiding treats just got a lot harder.


Out for a Stroll

OK babies and dogs are always adorable, but this duo takes cuteness to a whole new level.


Spa Day!

4 hours and 3 bottles of shampoo later, Fido left the groomer with a fresh new look for summer!


The Biggest Little Spoon

I’d never get out of bed if I had this giant pooch to snuggle with!


A Momma’s Boy Heart

This huge mountain dog will always be momma’s little boy, no matter how ginormous he may get…


“How much can you lift, bro?”

When Jimmy said he was looking for a personal dog trainer, this is not what we had in mind…


Big hugs! 

Big dogs are even better when they think they’re puppies. How cute is this?



Why bend over to reach the water bowl when this sink is so conveniently at face level?


Big Butterball

This guy is just oozing love…and probably quite a bit of drool…


You Talkin’ To Me?

Who’s going to blink first?


Nom Nom Nom

I EAT YOU HOOMAN nom nom nom nom nom


Time For A Walk!

But which one is the do- oh, wait I got it.


I bet this big dog is not going to 

There is just something majestic about HUGE dogs.


Big Boy!

“Look momma I’m king of the world!”



This dog probably has no idea how big it is. It’s a Great Dane and it’s the world’s tallest living dog ever.


Around 175 pounds of muscle

This dog is a real beast!


A Girl’s Best Friend

So much love!


Bear Hug

Not a bear, per se, but close enough.


All The Cuteness

“Are you my mommy?”


Princess And The Pooch

Where do I get myself one of these amazing dog beds?


BFF’s for Life

Friends come in all shapes and sizes…


Are you into horse riding? 

This dog is almost as big as a horse! It’s actually probably heavier than the horse. But who is the fastest?


There’s something behind you…

Whatever you do Bruce, DON’T. TURN. AROUND.


Pure muscle… and love

This dog is on steroids, literally. Don’t worry, he won’t bite…I think.


Look at the camera, buddy! 

The life of a celebrity dog can be ruff.


And the winner is…

Introducing the world’s biggest dog! Congratulations for standing above the rest. You deserve to be literally looked up.

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